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How can you prepare for our visit?

Your work tops can transform a kitchen! We always think of your work tops as the centre piece of the room and want to make sure they are perfect for you!

Before any visit we’ll give you, or your kitchen company, a ring to confirm an AM or PM appointment. This call may be the last chance to ask any questions before we see you. Make sure you ask any questions!

What do I need to do before templating?

The template visit is the first time you will see our team on site. We want to get your worktops fitted as soon as possible so follow these easy steps to ensure it is ready to template:

  1. Be on site when we visit – when we visit we will template exactly to your specifications. We strongly advise you are on site to run through what you want!
  2. Make sure all current worktops are removed – our expert teams measure to the exact ‘mm’. To ensure we get the measurements bang on we need all permanent and temporary worktops removed.
  3. Have all appliances on site – we want you to be able to cook and use your sink! When we arrive for templating we need your hob, sink and any other cut outs on site (S-Box, Plug Socket Sizes etc.). Please ensure appliances are not fitted unless this is a Belfast sink.
  4. Ensure all units are fixed – when templating all units must be fixed and fitted to ensure there is no movement. Any movement from template to fitting may have a knock on effect.
  5. Remove tiles – if you have tiles please remove any that may prevent templating.

Unfortunately, if the above steps aren’t followed by the time of visit, we will have to go on to the next job. We do get really busy so want to ensure we work to the slots that work for you!

If you have any questions when we’re on site – make sure you ask! Next time we return you’ll have your new fitted worktops.


What do I need to do before fitting?

Once we visit, we’ll get in touch with you or your kitchen company for confirmation purposes. Job turnarounds are dependent on material, when we receive confirmation and other attributes. We generally work to a seven-day turnaround – if it is quicker or longer than this, we will let you know!

Granite and Quartz are extremely heavy materials – just ask our teams! To make sure we can load in please ensure access is as easy as possible.

During templating if anything needs fixing or amending our team will let you know. Please ensure any prior issues are sorted. If not, we will not be fitting on return!

And Finally…

I’m sure our teams would love a nice brew when working!

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