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Kitchen islands are becoming increasingly popular within kitchen design. Over the last two years most designs we’ve received have some form of island or breakfast bar. Not only can an island house a sink, hob and transform your kitchen, but it may also give that extra bit of storage or seating you need in your kitchen!

At Meridian, we are aware this can be dependent on the size of your kitchen! Have a look at our style guides below for some inspiration.

Free Standing Islands

Free standing islands give a new dimension to all kitchens! In bigger kitchens this can be the centre piece, whereas in smaller kitchens being able to see the floor beneath makes the kitchen seem a touch bigger! Being able to see the units below give you a few more creative options too.

On larger islands a seating area is a popular choice. This allows the island to be the focal social point of the kitchen and house. Whether you are looking to create a social hub or more area to cook with we’d love to help!

Below you will see a beautiful Antolini Lincoln fit we recently did, with extra storage below!

Waterfall Edges

Below you’ll see the beautiful Silestone Calacatta Gold. Here we have mitred the side to create a waterfall effect.

Using waterfall edges on the island really helps to tie in the work surface with the rest of the kitchen. We can do this in a huge variety of colours. If you’d like more information or would like a quote to add these to a plan, just let us know!

Please be aware these must have pre-built support!

Breakfast Bar

Breakfast bars can be the perfect option to optimise space. In a day where modern plan kitchens are increasingly popular, breakfast bars can join the cooking area to rest of the kitchen subtly.

They can also provide an added seated area and cooking space. What’s not to like!

Have a look at this beautiful Silestone Classic White fit we recently did below.

Bespoke Island Shapes

At Meridian, we pride ourselves on our craftsman ship. We work alongside joiners and kitchen fitter to give you the most unique kitchens around! Have a look the beautiful Antolini Calacatta Borgo fit we recently did.

Here we have cut the Calacatta exact to side to slot into the area of seating. Whether you are looking for something similar, built in wooden areas or anything else, just let us know. We’d be happy to see if this is possible.

Please note Meridian will supply and fit granite and quartz only but can get accordingly to match other work.

Hopefully this gives you a good starting point to think about your kitchen island! As ever, we are always on hand to help. If you’d like further assistance, just get in touch HERE. Our friendly and passionate team would love to help.

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