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Meridian Warranty


At Meridian, we stand by our material and workmanship. We offer a 10 year warranty onMeridian branded (or unbranded products).

We use a huge amount of suppliers that offer a range of warranties. If you have worktops fitted from named suppliers such as (but not limited to); Silestone, Antolini, Caesarstone, CRL, Dekton, Sensa, Levantina please refer to their website or email us on info@meridiangranite.com for further information. Please note, there is a huge range of suppliers not listed above so please contact us if you are unsure.

For the sake of this document the installed material (coming under Meridian Quartz, Granite or Quartzite) will be referred to as ‘work surfaces’ unless specified.


Meridian Granite will offer the payer/owner (or referred to as customer below) of the installed work surfaces a 10 year warranty aligned with details further found in this document.

The warranty will not be covered by damage caused physically, chemically, wear and tear from usage, scratches from usage or chips by usage. The warranty will also NOT include (or be restricted to); vandalism, use of improper cleaning product, damage by heavy objects, direct chopping on work surfaces, placing hot pans on work surfaces etc.

The warranty is only applicable to the purchaser directly from Meridian. If there are any external works carried out (not by Meridian) on the work surfaces/cut outs the warranty may be fairly judged to be void.


  • Warranty is only applicable for Meridian branded (or Meridian sourced /
    unbranded products) fit after the 16th of August 2012.
  • Warranty is only applicable for material that is fabricate and fitted by Meridian.
    The material must be fit and remain in the same position.
  • Warranty is only applicable for residential use. Any commercial warranty will be judged by Meridian aligned with details on this document, taking increased usage into consideration.
  • In the event of material faults, Meridian must be allowed to inspect the work
    surfaces in question. As specialists, our teams will be able to decipher where these issues have arisen. We strongly advise the customer to be on site during this process.
  • If issue arisen is caused by either material faults or during fabrication/installation these will be resolved as soon as possible. In this instance either a repair or replacement will be applicable. This will be decided by Meridian to ensure the best possible results for the customer.
  • If a work surface should be replaced, each material type will require different
    actions. As natural stones we cannot guarantee exact matches in granite and
    quartzite. As a man made product quartz (including Calacattas) is made in
    batches. We cannot guarantee an exact match for quartz. However, this is more likely but a wait on material may be required.
  • Natural products, such as granite and quartzite will likely vary from photos. We
    advise all customers to visit Meridian or our suppliers to view sheets. Warranty is not applicable if a customer is unhappy solely due to colour or pattern type.
    Quartz (including Calacattas) is man made and thus pattern deviation isn’t as
    great. In any instance, customers are still advised to view sheets as colours can deviate on photos.
  • All details are to be confirmed via email. This will include; material, thickness,
    drainer groove sides (if applicable), rough dimensions (exact measurements on
    template) and any further ad hoc details. This will be talked through on site if the customer is available. If a customer has signed off these details and they aren’t happy with this during fitting changes will be chargeable.
  • Sealant is applied on joint during installation. If sealant is discoloured or fades
    within 6 months of installation Meridian will visit and correct this free of charge. After this, charges may be applicable (to be judged on site).
  • If sealant fails or is removed due to structural issues (like movement in kitchen
    units) a charge will be applicable.
  • Quartzite specifically may contain large surface crystals. As a result, certain edge and fabrication details are not possible (material dependent). Materials vary so please contact Meridian for further details on quartize.
  • Warranty is voided if issues are caused externally to Meridian / fabrication. This will include, but is not limited to site conditions, structural design, structural movement, vandalism or accidents. This will also include details under ‘TEN YEAR WARRANTY’ titles such as; ‘damage caused physically, chemically, wear and tear from usage, scratches from usage or chips by usage. This will also include, but not be restricted to; vandalism, use of improper cleaning product, damage by heavy objects, direct chopping on work surfaces, placing hot pans on work surfaces etc.’
  • If a work surface is repaired or replaced, the warranty will continue from the date of initial installation unless specified by Meridian.
  • All details laid out refer to work surfaces fitted by Meridian only. Meridian cannot be liable for any loss of direct, consequential or accidental damage that has or may arise out of the use or inability to use the product in residential applications covered by this warranty.
  • Any damages to applications or other areas in direct correlation to the fitted work surfaces are not covered by the warranty. However, if this has been caused directly by Meridian please contact our office on info@meridiangranite.com. This will be judged individually.

WORK SURFACE MAINTENANCE (for quartz, granite and quartzite)


  • Clean work surfaces after every/daily use – this will ensure build up and staining is less likely to occur
  • Remove waste as quickly as possible – prevention is the best form of protection.
  • Check before using products – if you have any questions please contact Meridian directly.
  • Use warm water and a soft cloth. Use a cleaner that isn’t too acidic (ideally PH neutral!).
  • Protect the surface – if you think something may damage the surface get in touch – always better to be safe than sorry!


  • DON’T use strong chemical products when cleaning (too acidic). – USE PH NEUTRAL
  • DON’T assume work surfaces are indestructible – they must be maintained.
  • DON’T chop directly on to surface, never place hot pans directly on to work
    surfaces, use mats for plates, glasses and cups for increased longevity. Any damages caused from this will not be covered by warranty.

For any further information on Meridian warranties please contact info@meridiangranite.com. Other branded warranties will be available through supplier websites.

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