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(Black Forest Granite above)

Granite and Quartz tend to be the go-to material for kitchen worktops. The longevity of both along with a huge range of colours and finish make this perfect for any work surface!

When choosing a work surface there are various things to think about this. Whether this is durability, design or general upkeep, granite and quartz have the own positives.

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(Silestone White Storm Quartz below)

What are granite and quartz made up of?


Granite is a 100% pure natural stone. ­­­ It’s formed deep in the Earth from compressed quartz, potassium feldspar, mica, amphiboles, and traces of other minerals. It is then quarried into the sheets you see in our yard! We seal our granite in our factory to ensure it is non-porous. This means no liquid passes through it!


Quartz is one of the hardest materials known to man. It’s fabricated from natural quartz. Further material like crushed resin and colour pigments are then added in the process to create unique products! The final quartz product is man made as factories manipulate colour and patterns. This results in the various colours you can see on our website or showroom. The quality of our quartz is unbeatable and is non-porous too!

Which is cheaper, Granite or Quartz?

This is something we get asked on a day to day basis. Unfortunately, this isn’t something we can give a definitive answer to! Often this is dependant on the specific colour! However, you can view some of our sale options here.

(Antolini Calacatta Borgo Quartz Below)

Why choose Granite or Quartz?

There are plenty of reasons why granite or quartz may be best for you!

As a natural product granite’s colour will be specific to you. Think of it as your own one off piece of art work. Quartz, on the other hand, is manmade. This means colour and patterns are regulated so you know exactly what you’re getting!

Colour options in quartz are nearly endless! They come in a range of patterns and finishes too. You can view Silestone Quartz options here and Antolini Calacatta options here.

There are granite quarries across the globe meaning you have a huge range of possibilities. Patterns can range from sporadic veining to large irregular specks! We have added some of our more popular options to view here.

A question we often get asked is ‘what is more hard wearing?‘ The truth is, nowadays there isn’t much difference! Both materials will last a last time if looked after correctly.  If you are looking for a piece outside, for a BBQ, or as a fire hearth, you must use a granite. On the other hand, quartz can be easier to work with and can be more flexible for really intricate jobs!

If you have any questions…

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, our friends and passionate team are always happy to help!

As a company we pride ourselves on our huge range of work surfaces. If you have come across anything online you can’t see on our site, just let us know! Drop us a message through our ‘Contact Us’ page and we’ll be happy to source this for you.


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