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You have an idea about your work surfaces, what now? The wall finish can help with practicality, style and colour scheme. Whether you choose a splashback, full wall cladding, upstands or nothing at all, this can help finish off your stunning new kitchen!

Splashbacks are available in Granite, Quartz, Dekton , Calacatta and Sintered Stone. Generally, these match your work surfaces and help complete a space!


The most popular finish for kitchens are upstands running roughly 100mm high aligned to the wall. These can be made to size on request.

From a practical point of view, an upstand will stop every day mess marking the bottom of the walls. Cleaning a work surface is a lot easier than cleaning directly of a wall! It also seals up the work surfaces to the will to ensure waste and liquid doesn’t make it’s to the back of your units!


Whether this is behind a hob or a sink, a splashback can compliment your kitchen!

Generally, these are used in areas where cooking (and potential mess!) is most prominent. A standard splashback will help protect walls from anything a kitchen has to offer! As well as this, they can help tie in colours and patterns from your work surfaces up to your kitchen units.

Full Wall Cladding

If you’re not one to do things in half, why not consider full wall cladding? This will help protect all walls in the kitchen, as well as making your kitchen really stand out!

We believe our colours are absolutely stunning, and shouldn’t be confined to your worktops only!

No Splashbacks or Upstands

This is certainly or a more modern look and has been increasingly popular in recent years! After all, the work surfaces are your statement and this helps bring them out!

However, this does leave your walls or wall paper open to damage. Having a splashback does, of course, add some cost to your kitchen but this may save money in repairs down the line!

Other options

Splashbacks aren’t confined to our surfaces!

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong decision and is completely down to your preference! Other options include (but aren’t limited to) tiled walls, glass splashbacks and stainless steel.

And Finally…

After taken the above information on board, hopefully you may be at a point to select your kitchen colours!

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