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Choosing colours in your kitchen can be so difficult, believe us we know! There is such a huge amount of choice for all aspects of your kitchen.

Matching your kitchen colours can make your kitchen the one of your dreams and the focal point of the house! In this article, we’ll use our expertise in the industry to help you achieve a stunning kitchen!

Break Your Kitchen Into Sections

The starting point of any project can be daunting! Where do you start?

Think about your kitchen in three sections; Flooring, Cabinets, Work Surfaces. We always advise starting from your work surfaces and working back from there. Your surfaces will be the first thing people see!

There is such a huge range of work surfaces in various materials (quartz, granite, sintered stone, Dekton). Due to the amount of worktops on the market the choice is seemingly endless to ensure you have something perfect for you!

Where To Start?

Selecting colour is completely down to preference, of course. However, there are ways to whittle down your selection.

  1. Be Selective. – Minimising your colour selection to three or four colours ensures your kitchen is too busy, particular in smaller kitchens!
  2. Think of lighting. – Lighting in your kitchen will change over the course of a day as well as with certain types of light. These are all things to consider when choosing your kitchen colours!
  3. Compare coloursSamples Samples Samples. We always advise comparing samples from cabinets, floorings and work surfaces to ensure the perfect blend you are looking for! When taking these home make sure they are tested in all possible lighting too!
  4. Research – Certain colours are more rooted in certain styles. Keep a keen eye on Instagram, Pinterest and Kitchen Blogs to determine what is more contemporary and what is more traditional!

Colour Selection

One of the main ways to select colours is based of your kitchen style. As an example, modern kitchens tend to use bolder colours or patterns such as Calacattas with predominantly white colours being perhaps the most popular. Where as, traditional kitchens use slightly more subtle colours. Of course, this isn’t always the case!

Another factor to consider is contrasting or matching your flooring, units and work tops. There’s no right way or wrong way and this is down to your preference. Either option would match any style of kitchen!

Other Things To Consider


Above we broke the kitchen down into three sections; flooring, units and work surfaces. To add another layer a backsplash is something to consider. Not all kitchens have these, and it might not be right for you! However, this can be done by tiling, glass, granite/quartz and more! The most popular choice in our opinion is a simple an effective upstand by approx. 100mm high.

‘Mix and Match’ colours

The units and work surfaces don’t necessarily have to be the same colour! At Meridian, in recent years we’ve seen the increase in popularity of plain work surfaces on the outside of the kitchen with a centre piece island. This can be the same for your units!


And Finally…

After taken the above information on board, hopefully you may be at a point to select your kitchen colours!

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